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Our Weekly Round-Up - October

October, 14th, 2012

Topics: Revamp Republic, YTECH Softwares, 50,000 Pageviews

Author: Creativorama

Hello everyone. We're here back for our Weekly Round-up with some nice and beautiful news to bring to you. We had a redesign of our homepage this week, and the pleasure of having Revamp Republic being listed as one of our Premium Companies.

Since Saturday, Creativorama's homepage has been displaying a new look to our visitors. You probably have noticed it, but if you didn't, please
have a look.
We at Creativorama want to highlight our commitment to become a directory of high-quality creative professionals and firms, so nothing better than an illustration of the world to make clear that we want visitors to be able to find the best Web Designers, Developers and other creative professionals from all around the world. Of course, we don't want to be rejoicing on our goals and mission alone, so if you have anything to say, we would surely appreciate your ideas.

Other than that, we have another surprise in the website. We have just added a new page called "Reasons to Advertise" which basically displays an infographic with some (very good) reasons on why creative professionals and firms should list their businesses with us.

Web Designer in Seattle.

Ok, now let us focus on the new companies being listed at Creativorama, which is the most important news. Always. From Seattle, we're very proud to have Revamp Republic being listed since Wednesday. They have a great portfolio to show and strongly focus on Web Development and Online Marketing. Far away from Seattle, coming from lovely Jaipur, is YTECH Softwares, a Creative Firm with a solid Web Development expertise.

Web Designer in Jaipur.

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