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October, 28th, 2012

Photography, Black and White, Nature

Author: Creativorama

Today we're starting something different at Creativorama. Since we're aware of how many Web Designers, Graphic Artists, Developers and Photographers come to our pages - mainly to list or edit their portfolio - we thought it would be a nice touch to post interesting content in our blog section to bring inspiration for these professionals.

We at Creativorama know how part of doing creative work is essentially finding inspiration and/or references for future projects. Our goal here isn't exactly to be an online magazine bringing new stuff on a daily basis, but we reckon that rewarding our visitors with cool and inspiring new stuff could be an expression of how committed we are to expanding Creativorama to all those who work and enjoy the Creative industry.

So yea, get used to seeing nice and inspiring new material, especially collected to help those who work with professional Web Design - as well as Web Development, Graphic Arts, Photography and Motion Design - every now and then.

Ok, for starters, we have assembled a list of inspiring photography, which are not ordinary ones. It's fair to assume that most people like to see pictures of nature, due to their beauty and contemplation. However, when we limit them to a monochromatic perspective, you'll start seeing them in a very different way. The beauty is sometimes instantly replaced by drama and a new expression is added to the composition. Sometimes even ordinary things become a singular artwork.

Anyway, here's for your delight...

Untitled 151/365 35mm Black and White (1977) Pine Tree Overlooking Valley Untitled This land is your land Curve Beginnings of spring

Note: All images published here have a license to be freely published. No copyrights are attached as of the day of this pubication: October 28th, 2012.

If you own, or have any rights over any of these pictures, please contact us and we will remove them. Thanks.

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