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Why You Need to Avoid Hiring Cheap Designers

Part 2: Good Design Takes Time. Great Design Takes Even More

July, 31st, 2012

Topics: Quality Design, Website Design, Where to Find Web Designers

Author: Creativorama

Good Design Takes Time. Great Design Takes Even More.

Another argument in favor of "cheap" design is how fast it can be accomplished. It's common in this industry to face a client who needs a project done ASAP. While this situation may sound widely unrealistic, it's usually interpreted by designers in such way: "I don't care how it looks, or how it functions, I just want something done".

Well, unfortunately things just don't work like that. Before sketching some ideas, any reasonable designer will spend a great amount of time only in the research phase, gathering references, analyzing particularities of the new website's industry and studying trends. After, the brainstorming phase comes, where an exchange of ideas between the project's owner and the creative professionals is always welcome. The designing phase comes next and a great amount of time must dedicated to every aspect. As one would say: Good design is in the details".

And this is not over yet. After designing, comes the corrections, coding - which takes time, especially when hand-coded - and testing. Even after the website is launched, there's still work to be done with the post-launch phase, with SEO, social media integration etc.

The sum of all these steps make the totality of a project. Ignoring any of them could result in an unfinished final product. All resources invested could be compromised if we fail to dedicate enough time to any of these steps. Think of this as building a house. If we don't pay attention to the foundation, the electrical system or even the painting, the house would always look unfinished or, even worse, collapse - which can happen to a website too, if it's badly coded.

Most people equivocally believe that a project done quickly can be explained based on the web designer skills and expertise. Well, unless he/she is a genius, enough time has to be dedicated to the steps mentioned before. You should question every designer who promises quick results and that underestimates any crucial part of the project scope. A "cheap" design could, for example, dismiss the research part, do little design and code changes to a pre-made solution, possibly skip the testing phase and, unless SEO and Social Media work is established by contract, no post-launch service will be executed.

In essence, a meaningful design takes time. Hours, days and, sometimes, months are required to accomplish the ideal result. Be wary of "pseudo-designers" who claim that just because they know how to work with Photoshop or other softwares. Being a designer requires time to learn, both with education and when acquiring new skills.

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