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Typography and Web Design

May 30th, 2013

Topics: Typography, Posters, Beautiful, Web Design

Author: Creativorama

So many people in our society today are looking for instant gratification, and when it comes to the internet, instant really does mean instant. When a person first visits a website that they might find useful, that site has less than a couple of seconds to convince them to look around and see if there is not some information or other subject matter on it that they will find appealing.

typography and webdesign

Most website designers understand that concept and know that their designs must immediately create a need to stay on a site for a while to find out what it is all about. One of the techniques that designers are now using to catch a person's eye and grad their attention, is called typography.

Typography is the art of selecting a particular style of font, size, color, and the ability to place it appropriately so it accomplishes what it is supposed to, which is to make the site interesting. Almost every website today is based on a central theme which could be entertainment, news, business, or promoting a particular product or service.

A websites designer's job is not only to produce an eye catching site that is very user friendly, but also to make sure that when a new visitor arrives at a site they are easily able to understand what the website is all about, and then point them in the right direction. One of the most important methods presently being used to accomplish this, is placing over-sized fonts that are bright colors in high value location so that nobody will be able to miss them.

The use of typography is an art form that cannot easily be taught or duplicated. Just like with all other forms of art, a few website designers are simple better at it than some of their counterparts.

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