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July 2012 - #3

July, 22nd, 2012

Topics: Creativorama Article, Facebook, Box Vox

Author: Creativorama

There have been interesting developments in Creativorama since last week. We have reached our first 50 fans in Facebook and published our first 100% exclusive article. Besides, as usual, we had a quality new company addition to our listing.

First of all, let's highlight our first article written by Creativorama's team. It's entitled "Why You Should Stop Hiring Cheap Designers". Well, actually it's not the full article since it's part 1 of 3, but you get the idea. Later this week we'll be publishing the second part of it. Go, read and let us know your thoughts about it. This article encapsulates well the values and objectives that we promote in Creativorama. We want to show and highlight great web designers and creative companies and make them stand out. We want to value those who work hard to make our world more beautiful, those who are original and create authentic work. It's hard, but we believe that quality work and talent make the difference in the end.

There's also good news that comes from Social Media this past week. Creativorama has reached over 50 likes in our facebook page. Ok, it doesn't sound much, but it's pretty impressive if we consider that we're only 1,5 month old! And this is all organic, legit. We didn't buy any of these friends. They all came and liked us because of our quality service. Haven't you liked our facebook page yet? So please do :)

Our new listing in Creativorama comes from Brazil. It's Box Vox, from São Paulo. If you're from that city, or around it, and need to find web designers or a full creative agency, we invite you to consider it.

Web Designers in Sao Paulo, Brazil

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