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August 2012 - #1

August, 20th, 2012

Topics: Limeapp, Dubub Marketing

Author: Creativorama

Quite exciting things happened this last week here at Creativorama. After some negotiation, we have agreed with Limeapp to display a featured deal on their page. Now everyone can subscribe to Creativorama's Premium plan with 60% OFF. Besides that, we have a few other exciting news to share.

Since Thursday, August 16th, Creative Professionals and Companies from all over the world have the chance to sign up to Creativorama with a discount of 60%. Yes, you read it right. It's 60% OFF, no catch. Pay U$ 239.00 and you get a Premium Account, valid for 6 months. This is our best deal so far and we can only thanks Limeapp for their support. If you are a Creative Professional, a Web Designer, Developer, or if you own a Creative Firm or a business related to this industry, we suggest that you purchase the deal at Limeapp. By doing so, you will be attracting new potential clients to your site, thus increasing your sales. After all, this what Creativorama does best, create and deliver leads to those businesses that list their services with us.

We also wanted to share that Creativorama is now on a stable flow of visitors. Between 100 and 150 people come to our pages everyday, mostly looking for high-quality professionals and/or creative companies in our listings. This is indeed great news because it shows our commitment to display great creative works and those professionals behind these works. Our goal here at Creativorama has always been to promote the best and leading businesses in this industry, especially those who invest so much time and effort to achieve great results by producing unique websites, graphic designs and innovative experiences. We are still very new and growing, but we believe in this idea and we are absolutely sure that we are on the right track.

We have a new company adding their profile into our lists. It's Dubub Marketing, from Apache Junction, Arizona (United States). If you're from that area and need to find web designers or a whole high-quality creative company, we invite you to seriously consider this company. They have outstanding portfolio to showcase.

Web Designers in Arizona, USA

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