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Our Weekly RoundUp
December 2012

December 9, 2012

Topics: XakBox, Pravel Solutions, Dezvolta, Carver Creative, 999 Art Direction

Author: Creativorama

This week's Round-Up update is actually a two-week round-up. Yes, we've been quite busy last week so we're now highlighting the special things that happened here lately. We had a bunch of new companies signing up, from Premium to Simple Plans. Also, our ever-growing advertising and marketing campaign has found an ad spot at the highly recommended web magazine Web Designer Depot. Ever heard of it?

First of all, let's highlight Creativorama's initiative of expanding its advertising to Web Design Blogs/Magazines. Our first ad is now active at WebDesignerDepot, but many more will come. We want to make our Web Design and related services platform known world-wide so we just can't ignore how much traffic this resource will drive to our website. For those who promote their business here at Creativorama (advertisers), it can only mean that more visitors will be arriving here, looking for comapanies and professionals in the Creative and IT industries.

Web Designers in Creativorama

Now, our marketing campaign is a solid two-front initiative, where we put our efforts and resources in Search Engine Advertising (PPC) and Ad Spots on other websites (via Everyday Creativorama becomes more and more popular. That's indeed exciting news.

Now let's talk about the new companies being listed in Creativorama. There are quite a few, and they are Creative Firms from Canada, the United States and India.

Firstly, as it's usual, we'll highlight a Premium Company. It's actually a professional designer, Ryan Sacha, a Interface Designer from Los Angeles. Ryan has a great portfolio website and offers services such as Interface Design, Web Design, Web Development and Database integration. If you're from LA and need a great Creative Professional, we seriously encourage you to get in touch with him.

Web Designer in Los Angeles

There are other exciting new additions to Creativorama as well, and three of them come from India, our second biggest market. XakBox comes from Cochin (Kerala), Pravel Solutions from Morbi (Gujarat) and Dezvolta, a Web Design Company from Chennai. These companies offer services like Social Media, Web Design and Development and E-commerce.

Web Designers in Gujarat, India Web Designers in Cochin, India Web Designers in Chennai, India

Besides India, Creativorama's listings has a new company from the USA and another from Canada. From Ohio comes Carver Creative, that offers services such as Print Design, Web Design and Social media. And lastly, from Toronto, comes 999 Art Direction, a Creative agency with great portfolio in Web Design, Advertising and Print Design.

Web Designers in Ohio Web Designers in Toronto, Canada

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