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February 2013

February 3rd, 2013

Topics: Zealot Online Solution, SmashBrand, WebLite Website Design - Web Companies in Salt lake City, Philippines and New Zealand

Author: Creativorama

Alright everyone, we are here, back for our Weekly Round-Up again. We have great news regarding our pricing structure which we are certain that everyone will like. Besides, as usual, we will be highlighting the new companies that are listed here.

Following our expansion strategy, we at Creativorama decided to make some temporary changes to the plans. Both paid plans (Professional and Premium) are now yearly and prices were reduced for a limited period of time. It's now your big chance to make your business more visible and get it exposed to thousands of potential clients. Just go to our Pricing page and start getting new clients.

Now, let us talk about the new companies being listed at Creativorama. Starting our list is SmashBrand, a Creative Design Team from Salt Lake City, Utah. SmashBrand has agreat portfolio and offers services such as Brand Design, Web Design and Product Design. If you're from that area and need a great Creative Team, we recommend this one.

Web Designer in Salt Lake City

Our two next signups come from far away and their are the first to represent their countries. Zealot Online Solutions from the Philippines, and Weblite from New Zealand.

Zealot Online Solutions is based in Baguio in Philippines and offers services world wide. Among these services are Web Development, Web Design and Social Media.

Web Designers in Philippines

Creativorama has also reached a land way down south. We're now represented in the land of Kiwis, the AllBlacks and Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings trilogy filming set. Well, we don't need to say anymore that we mean New Zealand. Weblite is a creative company based in Tauranga and offers services such as Web Design and Web Development.

Web Designers in New Zealand

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